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Matt R. Franklin, AAMS
Wealth Advisor
404 W Liberty Street
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 464-6163
Client Centered

A trainer’s life may appear full of glory and prestige when the public views you in the winner’s circle following a big stakes win.

But the reality is that you rise before dawn; coordinate the roles of the caretakers and the assistant trainers; continuously adjust the training schedules of a whole barn full of horses; keep track of nomination and stakes payments; schedule blacksmith and vet appointments; order supplies, feed, hay; arrange shipping; listing drivers; communicate with owners; expenses & payroll; travel to the races and often get home well past midnight.

When do you have time to think about retirement planning or investing?

My observation is that most trainers never retire. When you love what you do every day, it’s hard to think about ever retiring. My job is to help you devise a Plan B.

Client Centered

What if you decide you do want to retire? What if, not by any choice of your own, you are unable to train? What will happen to your spouse and/or children if something happens to you?

These are tough questions that are tough to think about. But my job is to help you face these questions and implement a plan to provide that security for your family and your future.

I know how busy you are and I will work around your schedule to meet with you when you do find a break in your schedule. That might be in the winter during the break in the stakes schedule; maybe in Florida or North Carolina or your home if you stay north for the winter. Or maybe it is during that two-day break you might have in your schedule during the racing season. Your schedule is overwhelming and I will work with you to ease the burden of trying to manage your financial plan. If you become a client, I become your partner and will be available to meet with you whenever your schedule frees up.