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Matt R. Franklin, AAMS
Wealth Advisor
404 W Liberty Street
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 464-6163

No one understands long term investment better than a breeder. The decisions you make today may not bear fruit  until 3 or 4 years from now, if ever. Planning and risk is part of your everyday existence. Mares, foals, stallions…which to keep, which to sell, what studs to stick with, and what ones to walk away from. It’s a never ending chess match, but instead of tangible chessmen…the pieces are stacks of cash.

Colleagues congratulate you when one of your progeny tops a yearling sale or wins a prestigious stakes race. What few notice is the blood, sweat and tears getting that individual to that pinnacle of success. If others knew how much hard work, money, determination, and in many cases luck, went into that shining moment, few would participate.

Client Centered

But you are different. You understand the risk and are willing to accept it in lieu of the potential reward. Investing your money is basically the same. Risk vs. Reward.

You need concentrate your efforts on breeding the next Hambletonian or Little Brown Jug winner. Let me concentrate on managing your investments.

Looking forward to the chance to discuss the many ways that I can help your money work equally as hard as you do.