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Matt R. Franklin, AAMS
Wealth Advisor
404 W Liberty Street
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 464-6163

Racehorses are in our blood. The thrill of owning a race horse is like nothing else. My heart still pounds every time our horses race. You just want a good trip, a chance to win. You’re heart broken when you get a bad trip or your horse makes a break. But if they win, the thrill is an incomparable feeling…and you cannot put a price on fun.

Of course we are in it to make money even though we know the odds are against us. It’s an expensive sport and if you couldn’t afford to lose what you are investing in horses, you wouldn’t be doing it. This is our excess money, our “play” money. So we try to reduce risk and give ourselves a better chance of making money by owning more horses. It’s a numbers game. The more horses you own, the better odds of hitting that big winner that will help pay for all of the others.

Client Centered

But you have your other money, your serious money. The money you won’t dip into. The money that is there to keep your future secure; to run your business; to put your kids through college; to fund your retirement; to pass to your heirs.

When I help clients manage “that” money, my goal is to help you reduce risk. You already understand diversification. The more horses you own, the more risk you are reducing. That’s what I do with managing investments. I help you diversify your investments among various asset classes to help reduce risk and grow your money more safely over time.

I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your passion, your horses, and to show you how I can help diversify your serious money to help reach your other financial goals and fund your passion.